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workshops for corporates

successfully feminine

Being a woman is different from being a man.

Accordingly, the perspective and approach to different topics such as communication, teamwork, implementation, or efficiency differ.

In a time where there is a lack of female leaders, it is especially important to understand, strengthen, and confidently highlight feminine qualities.

Instead of focusing solely on their own masculine competencies, I encourage women to activate their feminine potential and collaboratively develop a new path that incorporates both masculine and feminine traits.


With my offerings, I support women, 

in fully understanding their potential and exploiting the richness of feminine facets to use them as a complement to their own masculine components.


numoon workshops for companies:

I offer the following workshops in either German or English. They can be conducted live or online and can be booked as a package or individually.

numoon workshops
for school classes and women's teams:

Zitrusfrüchte und Blumen

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